Netlify for Students?

I am a student in the United Kingdom and love using Netlify to help with my projects. I was wondering if Netlify offer any student plans, as this would really be appreciated and would be extremely useful for me and to help with my studies a lot. I see that other hosting providers such as DigitalOcean and Microsoft Azure offer free services to students, but I cannot find anything on the Netlify website about this.

So, I will ask you here, do you offer any student plans or benefits as such?

I do have a domain to verify that I am a student and I am more than willing to share my ID badge to prove my identity too.

Thank you.

Netlify have a Free “Starter” plan with generous limits that is available to everyone.

You can see the details on the pricing page.

Thank you for that. I am already on the starter plan, however as when I am studying, I need multiple websites building at the same time. Currently, I am using Vercel and Netlify side by side to make up for this issue, however I think it would be useful to have it all on one platform, and organised.

Are there any other plans that are available for Students only that you recommend? As this would be much appreciated.

Does this sound as a good fit:

As long as your repositories are open sourced with all the guidelines ticked, you’d be eligible for that.


Yes! Thank you @hrishikesh this is awesome! I will definitely share this with my friends too, as they have open source repos…

When I get the Creative Commons license, where would I need to put that to be able to qualify and is there a certain code of conduct that I need to include?

Usually, your repo includes a license which we would check. Same goes for Code of Conduct. There’s no special CoC that you might need, but do refer to some standard guidelines that would make the CoC better to accept.

How long does it take to be accepted from the time of submission (so I know when to apply for it)?
Also, are there any selected open source project that is “must be” in order to quality?

Sorry I am asking all these questions, I just want to get this right.

That usually depends on the support load. I personally check open source requests at the end of the queue, so only after we get the queue down to a significant amount is when on a personal level I’d check open source requests. My other team mates do check it when they see fit. So, in some cases it might get activated within a day or two or in some cases, it might take about a week or a little more than that too.

As a general rule of thumb, I’d say you can write in once you’ve got all the requirements ready. We’ll take a look as soon as possible and provision your account if we see it matches all the checks.

I’m not sure what you mean by that. The things that absolutely must exist are already mentioned on the link I’ve sent before. Anything else that you consider would help would be an added benefit.

Alright, thats great. Thank you.
I have no further questions at the moment, but i’ll come back if I do…
I am unsure what to check as your answer and they were all great answers, so i’ll let you do that part :slight_smile: thank you

Wow! Supporting open-source projects and encouraging code of conducts adoption… That’s fantastic!
This page clearly deserves a higher visibility: I’ve been digging for hours in Netlify’s doc and didn’t know about this plan so far.

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I was aware of the Open Source Plan when responding to @NPNN, but my interpretation of the language on the page was that it’s intended for use by larger open source projects that have (and rely on) collaboration, not single author repositories.

Great to see that it is available to students though!

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This is awesome and I love how Netlify supports students! I am too a student and this would be very useful.
I have applied for this too @NPNN and I will let you know my experience with it!

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Update: I got accepted within days and it works awesome, except for a few step backs.

For example: I am using the same domain on my personal account to my open source account, with a subdomain. When I add other sites, I get the error that there is another account using the same domain. So, I need to transfer it to my personal account, add the domain, then transfer it back out. I am not sure if @hrishikesh knows any way around this… or if anyone does, as it would save time!

Apart from that, the open source is great

We don’t allow sharing of domains among accounts. So, we can remove the domain (or transfer the entire site) to the other account.

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Hmm. I am able to transfer the entire site to another account. As I said in my message, that is my work around.

Yes, but when we transfer the site, we also transfer the domain to the other account, so you don’t have to remove it and connect it again.

@hrishikesh Is there no way that you can verify the domain on both of my accounts? Or am I stuck with using this workaround then?

No, as I said, using the same domain on multiple accounts is not possible. This is a security risk as anyone would be able to connect a subdomain for your domain to their site. So, we can temporarily over-ride this if you wish, but we won’t recommend leaving that setting on.

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