Netlify appreciation thread

I just wanted to thank Netlify for providing a quality product/service, that is free and meets the needs of most people. :+1:

It’s so easy to just host a domain(s) on Netlify and forget out it, without any thought for the Netlify staff that work to keep the service running and secure.

So a big shoutout to the Netlify team! :heart:

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Hey there! :smile:

Wow, we’re absolutely thrilled to hear such kind words! It means the world to us, knowing that Netlify is hitting the mark for you and making your life a bit easier.

Your shoutout has definitely brought smiles to our faces. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the work behind the scenes.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything we can help with, or even just to share more of your thoughts and feedback. :netlisparkles:

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Just clarifying for anyone else that encounters this thread, that Netlify do not (currently) provide a guaranteed free product/service.

The ‘Starter Plan’ starts at $0 but does incur various charges if you exceed any of the allocated monthly usage limits.

The details can be seen on the Pricing Page:


I was going to say that @nathanmartin (but didn’t.)

@Andrew.H in the Self-Serve Subscription Agreement there is reference to Free Tier Usage (section 5.1 Paid Plans and Free Tier Usage; section 6 Free Tier Usage; section 11.2 Termination) which seems out of kilter with the naming on the plans page as Nathan has pointed out.

Even if the definition of free in this instance doesn’t mean everything is free as OP might like to suggest/think, it’s all about the language used and how people read it. Given the international nature of the WWW and this platform, clear language for users who do not speak English as a first language is a must.

Even better, offer legal documents in multiple language to avoid ambiguity.


Hey @nathanmartin thank you for the clarification! Totally correct, the starter plan!= Free. While the caps are (imo) generous it’s important to call that out.

@dig Hmm, that seems confusing, and I agree given the international nature of the web, I think we need to make things a bit more clear. I’m going to bring this up internally.


I’d echo this, while noting the caveats added by the Netlify folks! I had a Hugo powered site which worked very well, and I decided to replace it with a new Rust driven site that I’m putting together. It took me about 20 minutes to get the new site up and running. Almost all of the credit has to go to the ease of use and flexibility of Netlify. Thank you :heart_eyes:

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