Chared with a Starter Plan

Hi, I am on a Starter plan and I thought it’s a free membership, but today I found I have been charged 19$ a month since December.
Is there a free plan with Netlify, and if Yes, how do I switch to that?

Site names: mystifying-swirles-5c5a58, infallible-thompson-430a59

Thank you!

@marius The Starter plan is “Free to get started”, so it’s only free provided that you remain within the limits outlined on the Pricing page

A $19 charge makes me believe it is a Forms instance where you have gone over 100 submissions in a month?

There is no “free unlimited usage plan” on Netlify.

Oh interesting! I’m not sure what a submission is, but I’ve been pretty inactive in the past couple of months.
Is there a way to temporarily disable the membership, at least for the time being?
I don’t currently have any active projects but would love to come back to Netlify at one point, I found it easy to use.


@marius It’s also possible that you’re on the Pro plan too, which is also $19 a month.

Just check in your account what it is that you’re being charged for.
If it’s the Pro plan then you can request that Netlify downgrade you.

If it was some other feature, then you would just need to adjust your site in a way so that it doesn’t generate as much usage.

If you are going to downgrade, just be aware that because the Pro plan has higher usage limits than the Starter plan, there are situations where it’s possible to be on the Starter plan and pay more than the Pro plan.

Hi, @marius. I looked up the account for the sites you mentioned above (mystifying-swirles-5c5a58, infallible-thompson-430a59) and we have never billed or charged you for anything on that team. What account is this about?

That is interesting, it might be the case that my credit card is attached to some zombie account. What is the best way to identify that account? There is not much information in the payment line other than “NETLIFY SAN FRANCISCO CA”.
By the way, I really appreciate your support and responsiveness!