Request for Account Review and Reinstatement – Immediate Ban on Signup/Login

Dear Netlify Support Team,

I recently signed up for a Netlify account through GitHub with the intention of deploying a website I’ve been developing. However, I was immediately banned from using your services, even before logging in and getting a chance to deploy my app.

I understand that Netlify must have security measures in place to protect its platform and users, but I was taken aback when I was asked to provide an ID for verification. I’ve been a GitHub user for some months now and feel that linking my established GitHub account should serve as sufficient proof of my identity, especially for the free tier of your service. My gmail account linked to my github is also up to 5 years ago

While I have no issues with verifying my identity, I do find the ID request to be a bit intrusive given that I’m just aiming to utilize the free tier. I kindly request that my account be reviewed and reinstated so I can proceed with deploying my website, which aims to serve as part of my portfolios in looking for job, plus if everything goes well i will be more than happy to upgrade to pro tier.

Thank you for taking the time to review my request. I look forward to resolving this matter and using Netlify for my development needs.

Best regards

Hi there, I’m so sorry for the trouble! I have escalated your request to the Help Desk, so you will see an email from us there. Thanks!