Account banned immediately after signing up

I just signed up on Netlify using GitHub.

Email address:

My account got banned immediately after signing up and got this message.

Unfortunately, your account has been flagged by our automatic fraud protection system.
Please take a moment to verify your identity before using Netlify.

I have just signed up so there is no question of violating any of your terms and conditions.
I do not wish to provide my ID proof to stripe verification because that is just unnecessary as my account has been banned for no reason.

Please help me out.

Hi @SarjanArtGallery :wave:t6:, your account was automatically marked as spam as an effort to crack down on potential fraudulent behaviour. Please see our VP of security response regarding this.

As I understand you do not want to provide your ID documents to stripe. That’s fine but you will need to signup for a paid account (Pro) or higher to bypass the ID step.

But what did I do wrong? Is signing up considered as fraud?

Hi, you didn’t do anything wrong per se. Sometimes our systems flags individuals as “potentially fraudulent” many factors (data) is taken into play when this occurs. You are welcome to use our platform once we verify that you are legitimate.

I still need to login in order to upgrade my account to a paid one.
But Netlify is not allowing me to login.

Yes, I know can you supply your email so we can send a verification link?

But I do not want to go through the verification process.

Okay. Well unfortunately you won’t be able to use our platform. The only way to bypass this is by attempting to sign up again for a Pro account.

But you said that buying a pro plan will allow me to bypass the ID verification step