Paid Analytics starter plan showing incorrect date

Hello Netlify,

My netlify site name is :

I have started Analytics for my site on May 17 2020. Before taking the plan I read on Netlify site that Analytics plan is for 1 month but for my site it shows that the plan is only from May 17 to June 4.

Can you please let me know why is this happening ? I have read the FAQ billing section but I am unable to understand of why is this happening.


Hi Prasad,

Your billing cycle ends on the 4th of the month; monthly charges will be charged from 4th til 4th if you have a service active for the entire month. When you enabled analytics on the 17th, we charged you a pro-rated amount (5.52, here: to last you til the 4th. On the 4th, we'll charge you 9 for the entire next month.

Let me know if that doesn’t happen or doesn’t make sense to you.