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Analytics not collection data


Today I re-enabled Netlify Analytics. After a few hours I checked the overview. To my surprise, I saw statistics over the period May 25th untill June 7th, but the 17 days after those days are empty. Even after visiting the website myself (without browser cache turned on), it remains empty for the last 24 hours, even when it states it refreshes every hour.

  • Netlify site name: crinkles.netlify.app
  • Custom domain: crinkles.io (bought via Netlify on May 29th, set as primary domain since that date).

Hi @crinkles,

We’ve made a quick change that might have resumed ingestion of analytics for your website. If even after some time you don’t see any changes, do let us know.

Hi @hrishikesh

It did resolve some issues. The analytics now fill from May 25th to June 20th, but after June 20th (even the last 24 hours) the analytics show 0 for each data point.

Hi @crinkles,

I can see that the data is now available. If there exist any more problems, let us know.