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No DKIM Signature


Recently I added a DKIM record to my DNS settings, but according to this website https://dkimvalidator.com/ no DKIM signature could be found. I’m trying to send an email from the following domain: huurbuur.nl with a mailserver from Transip.

Any help would be appreciated!

Welcome to the forums @Emielvdongen

How have you entered the records? Here is an example from one of my domains which is a typical setup.

Zoho Toolkit provides a range of tools including Run checks which will check DKIM (need to enter the selector name.) You can also do this using the CLI

dig TXT <selector>._domainkey.<domain>.<tld>

This is how it should be implemented, right? I don’t understand why it won’t get picked up…

I can see it using Zoho Toolkit.

Note: If the DNS record was created/changed recently, it may not have propagated worldwide yet. Give it an hour and try again.