Multiple DKIM signatures

Hi guys!

So i did a test to see my email score with
And i got -2 points because i have more than one DKIM signature in my message.
I have not added any DKIM signatures manually myself on Netlify, is there anyway to tell where they are from?

DKIM signatures is something new to me. I have never configured this before.

I called my email host provider, but they could not really help me out.

I use Thunderbird as my mail client.

My domain is
My emails are linked to my domain …

Hi, @ChickenBacon. In order to answer we would need to know the DNS records being reported. Would you please share that information with us?

Here you go

Netlify doesn’t add any DKIM signatures. I think Luke meant to ask which record is being reported as we do not see any DKIM records. I’m not sure what that tool showed you, because I just tested your domain: Tools -

Everything looks normal to me. It would be worth asking the tool’s creators for more info.