DKIM failing, making my emails go into Spam

My domain is

The domain was bought on Namecheap. I’ve added all the DNS settings onto Netlify, but all my emails are still going into spam when I send them.

I’ve added the DKIM key in the DNS records as a TXT value, but still having no luck, can anyone assist?

Hi, @shummushshah. At Netlify, we don’t control your email service. We only control the DNS service.

If there are questions about how to make a DNS record or if there are any issue when attempting to do so, our support team can assist with that.

However, what we cannot do is tell you the answer to this:

  • What is the correct DKIM DNS record for my email service?

We need you to tell us that information as no one at Netlify has it. Only your email service knows what the correct DNS record should be so please ask their support team for that information.

Once you tell us what the correct DNS record should be, we can send the instructions to create that record at Netlify.

So, we are waiting on that information to assist you. If you have any questions about this reply, please let us know.