How to setup DKIM on netlify

Hello, I need help on how to setup DKIM on my dns record because all my messages sent to my outlook is found in spam. is the websites name

Hey @tapiaalagbay24 isn’t currently using Netlify DNS, so configuring DKIM in Netlify is not possible.

However, if you are planning to migrate to Netlify DNS you would need to add a TXT record with the domainkey set as the Name and signature in the Value.

Sorry the site name is bettersupport-io

The same applies regardless of the domain @tapiaalagbay24 .

You still need to add a TXT record with the DKIM signature as issued by your email provider.

No, what I mean is how do you setup a DKIM record my email provider is outlook

I suggest you look through the help/support section for Outlook/Microsoft 365.