DKIM issue after moving DNS from google domains

selector: google
I was testing using: DKIM Check- DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Record Lookup - MxToolBox

I came across this as an issue while testing for a email address setup though google on the domain.

I thought I had moved over all the DNS settings correctly but perhaps not…

there is a syntax issue and I’m unfamiliar with dkim so I need some help,
should I be using netlify selector do I need to configure another option in the DNS?

any insight would be awesome.

Hey @TheodoreZD

The mail provider (e.g. Google, Zoho) generally provide the key and TXT record values required. If in doubt, they should have an option to copy the DKIM value again, or generate a new one.

The selector must match what was configured originally. Running a DKIM check using Zoho Toolkit I don’t see any issue regarding syntax and DMARCLY shows no errors either.

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I think when I copied it from the previous config it also copied a line break, I got a clean copy last night I wasn’t sure if it work but all seems to be good this morning!

thanks for you help!
and the explanation

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