How to register DKIM from Zoho mail

Hello, my site is I have issues trying to register the DKIM from Zoho mail. This is the error:

dns_api - 400 - Please correct the following fields: Domain

I have contacted the domain provider and they asked me to contact you.

Hi, @franclobo. I’m seeing the DNS record when I test:

$ dig +noall +answer TXT 3600 IN TXT "v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAmlRTSW0NtVVy5/8OD7pSuCxh0+eWV3xyuyHzdqs5YgpRPQqSwMUcpJqxmPSYcCmcJQ7U+/WPAT72VBS4uJKpiVN1qskCoZQWoSc9BrL115GP0PXndgpuWGIs0PDlu2vPmoVXmahLmKFhTnYvgbP0Co6TNC2CLVjCq3lLGTIH4Ki+Fg/qG+D0LYuFfaj7Jjgif" "mYCiR0amiaWEolm7HZGz3Y2Tn44rJA/tLxHVbTe/jAe0xd5LLB8qWrVzvF0s/3RZLef9ggUUMXtTOvQ4ggmw5ie6qdjei1iTbDa0xMN/TDQOpehkh4bsdHqCQBveF3cqjetVlcM9+tjpkwuoKbKowIDAQAB"

A DNS record does exist.

Please note, our support team cannot tell you what the record should be. Only your email provider has that information. However, we can assist with creating a DNS record if you tell us what DNS record you want to create.

Are you concerned that the record doesn’t exist or are you asking what the record should be?

You might also consider reverting the DNS service back to your registrar and using the external DNS instructions instead.