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New team management and improved invoicing with Netlify Enterprise Grid plan

New team management capabilities for enterprise teams

Some enterprises have large web development teams and often hundreds of web projects, each staffed with many team members. That’s why Netlify is introducing a new Enterprise Grid plan, with the ability segment teams and projects within one Enterprise instance.

Before, Netlify organization Owners had to create and manage separate accounts in order to segment sites and members.

Now it’s easier than ever for Owners to manage and monitor the teams in the Netlify organization, with a new Organization Overview page and real-time metrics about your team’s Netlify usage!

Who is affected by these changes?

Most Netlify users won’t notice any changes at all. These new multi-team management capabilities, including the new Organization Overview page, are exclusive to Netlify’s new Enterprise Grid plan.

What can Enterprise Grid do for your Organization?

With these new multi-team management capabilities, Enterprise customers have a better level of control, governance and security across the organization. New capabilities include:

  • Access controlled organizational overview
  • Multi-team management capabilities
  • Dedicated HP Edge and HP Build instances for every team
  • Business unit-level invoicing

You can read more about multi-team management in our docs.

To get access to Enterprise Grid and to add more teams to your organization, you can contact your Account Manager from the app or reach out to them directly. Happy deploying!