Issue creating a new team

hi everyone!

im having an issue when trying to create a new team.

currently, i only have one team that’s on the starter plan. when im in the netlify admin and click on my team name, then click on “Create new team”, it takes me to a page that says “Change your team plan”. this is implying that I’m trying to change my currently logged-in team name, when im trying to create a whole new team.

even on the plan cards, it says “Switch to Pro” or “Switch to Business”. can a user not have more than one team?

Hi @Samkough

My understanding is a user cannot have multiple “free tier” teams.

Hi, @Samkough. There is a limit of one Starter plan team per person.

You can have as many Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan teams as you like. However, Starter is limited to one per person.

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Hi, @Samkough. I just realized you didn’t even have a Starter team at all. This situation can occur and, when it does, our support team can fix it.

I’ve created a Starter plan team for you now. You can switch between the existing team and the new team using the drop-down menu in the screenshot below:

If there are other questions or if you don’t see the new team, please let us know.


Thank you so much! This solved my issue :smiley:

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