Adding Another Free Team


I’d like to request another team on the Starter plan for our space to organize our websites. Basically, I would just like to separate our sites into 2 groups: Live, and Not Live. If it would also be possible, I would love to have 3 groups to segment into, basically having a Live, Staging, and In-Development spaces. As we grow in sites that we produce, this would be a great way to organize the list of sites based on which team they are apart.

Thank you,


Hey Matt,

Only Pro and above users have the option of a secondary plan.

However, you can make use of branches and branch deploys if this works for you!

Thanks @Pie,

If we were to upgrade to the Pro plan, would that allow us to create other teams to do what we are proposing? Or would we need a Pro plan for every team we create?

Hi @mattpezzente,

Rule of thumb is that each user can only have one Starter plan. Additional teams would need to be Pro and above, unfortunately.