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Announcing Team Overview: Collaborate Easier, Develop Faster

Have you ever wanted to see all of your team’s important information about your Netlify sites all in one place? Well look no further ~ we are excited to announce the Team Overview page, a central dashboard in the Netlify UI that surfaces the most important information about your team and the web projects they’re working on.

You can see everything from real-time status of your team’s site builds to the latest audit logs, all in one place. This way everyone has a common understanding of what’s happening across your team’s websites and apps, and no one is wasting time digging for information.

The Team Overview is designed to summarize the most important account and development status information— just the right level of detail to keep your team aligned. Some of the things you can see at a glance include:

  • Team Usage: Teams operate much faster when they’re working together through Netlify. See how many members are on your Netlify account and how much build capacity and bandwidth they’re using.
  • Build status: Easily find the status of each of your team’s builds, even those that are in progress
  • Audit Logs: Get a quick status check on where the team is spending their time and status on key projects.
  • Team Members: Want to know who’s who on your team using Netlify? Now you can view your team members with ease.
  • Sites: See which sites your team has been working on. You can even start the process to add a new site without even leaving the Team Overview.
  • Team Logo: Upload your team’s mascot or photo (or even GIF) to make this page your own!

This all leads to a faster, more efficient development workflow where everyone on the team stays in sync without the coordination overhead.

Login to see your team dashboard or signup to get started. Happy building!


Hey! Somehow this feature is broken for me. When I log in to netlify I’m forwarded to the overview page but end up on a “page not found”. Clicking “Back to home” leads with the same. When I go directly to my “Sites” I can see that I don’t have an “Overview” tab at all, which is e.g. in my companies account. Maybe it’s because I only have a “Starter” plan but then it should rather forward me to “Sites”.

Hey @einSelbst,
Sorry about that! This should have been fixed shortly after you wrote in- please let us know if that’s not the case!

I have the same issue as @einSelbst.

Even after I’ve set my default team (to my username)


gives me a

Page not found
You might not have permissions to see this page.

after re-login

Gotta be one of my favorite features on the platform lately. Really establishes a sense of ‘home’ when having many sites and a few teammates. Great work, teams! Super appreciated. :slight_smile:


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The “Page not found” is still happening for me, as it still seems the case for midzer. Did relogin.

Hey @einSelbst and @midzer,
Oh no! Very sorry to hear this :frowning: can you share some more details of what you’re seeing so we can investigate? Are you using any browser extensions (i.e. Privacy Badger)? Can you let us know if you see any errors in your browser dev console?

I’ve tested in latest Chrome + Firefox ESR without an active ad blocker.

Maybe it is an issue, that i have set my default team to my user name after Netlify team overview page migration? So my team’s html file doesnt exist yet?

This is what i got:

I’ve managed to get Team Overview screen working by

allowing in my Pi-Hole


in my ad blocker.

It’s a pity you include so much 3rd party stuff on your wonderful app. All other pages are working smoothly without those extra allowances. What is so different on team overview page?

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Hi, @midzer. Have you visited https://launchdarkly.com/? If so, it should be clear why we require that javascript for our site to work. Quoting that site:

LaunchDarkly enables development and operations teams to deploy code at any time, even if a feature isn’t ready to be released to users. Wrapping code with feature flags gives you the safety to test new features and infrastructure in your production environments, without impacting the wrong end users.

Also, @midzer, I’m more than a little concerned about this statement:

We took time to look into this after you assured us you were not blocking anything. Then you followed up with this update:

You told us you were not using an ad blocker and then followed-up to say the solution was changing permissions in your ad blocker. This wasted our time looking for another cause when the actual cause was both well-known and also something you assured us you had checked already when we asked you about it.

Why did you tell us you were not using an ad blocker and then follow-up to say you were using an ad blocker?

Hi @luke,

first of all I’m very sorry for Netlify team wasting their time looking onto this issue. Thanks for your explanations.

In fact, right after posting my reply and checking browser console I’ve realized something is still blocked. I have no clue why my Pi-Hole overblocks those domains. So I editied my reply only several minutes after figuring out the problem.

Hi, @midzer, no I’m sorry. I now realize I was mistaken and that you actually didn’t waste anyone’s time at all.

I can see your edit was 24 minutes after the original post and no one jumped on answering this question that quickly. I am deeply sorry for questioning that edit and I doubly apologize for implying you wasted anyone’s time (because you absolutely did not). Really, this is “my bad”.

So, with the air cleared on that I do want to get back to the original issue.

Thank you for the follow-up to ask about the use of third-party javascript as it is a valid question. Does it make sense now why we use that service’s javascript for our site now?

I too am using privacy badger and yes, disabling it fixed the issue. I didn’t occur to me that this could be the reason. I tend to guess that netlify’s target group is above average tech savvy which could mean above average usage of privacy tools. I also use gasmask e.g. so maybe it could make sense to add some info on the error page that the user should disable its ad / dns blocker. Either way, happy to be able to use the new feature now! Thank you @jen and @midzer!

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