Introducing new collaborative Deploy Previews!

Exciting news! :raised_hands: TODAY Netlify is introducing collaborative Deploy Previews, to help teams, groups and pods manage feedback and deliver better web experiences. Development - its a team sport after all. Read more in our announcement post.

Now in Netlify Deploy Previews you can:

  • :pencil2: Take and annotate screenshots
  • :left_speech_bubble: Notify teammates in GitHub or productivity tools
  • :computer: Automatically get browser metadata from reviewers
  • :iphone: Test on mobile devices by scanning a QR code
  • :receipt: Access deploy logs from within Deploy Previews
  • :white_check_mark: Check reviewer activity in the Netlify Platform UI

and a bunch more!

Collaborative Deploy Previews are included for FREE in ALL Netlify plans and you can invite UNLIMITED reviewers, also for FREE!. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Why does this require the Netlify app to have read and write permission on issues?

howdy @dadrian - please see this post for more in depth information - the TLDR is that you can decline, but you won’t have the full experience (which we think is worth it) without an update to the permissions.

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Just based on the announcement I’d guess it’s since you can create a new issue (intended to be unrelated to the specific PR you’re reviewing) from the deploy preview.

Hi, I’m having some trouble understanding how to access this feature, I’ve created a deploy preview (by creating a merge request on Gitlab), the build happened and I can access it as usual through the deploy-preview url, but I don’t I have anything new in there, I was hoping to see some button to activate the new review mode…
Am I doing something wrong?

hi there @richpars ! thanks for your interest. Today, we released this feature for GitHub backed repos, but we are working on GitLab and other repo hosts for the near future!

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For those of you — like me — using a Content Security Policy, and not seeing the button, add:

  • frame-src, and
  • script-src

Note, Chrome still raises 2 warnings:

  • Origin trial controlled feature not enabled: 'display-capture'. (anonymous) @ netlify.js:1
  • Error with Permissions-Policy header: Unrecognized feature: 'interest-cohort'.

Oh, ok, that makes sense, though the blog post could have been more explicit about that, it’s easy to miss that it’s only available for Github so far…

Don’t really want to criticise as it does seem like a nice enough feature but… is there no way to disable it?

Seems a bit presumptuous to assume everyone either wants this feature or is ready to use it straight away. An opt in toggle (or even an opt out) would have been nice here.

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Hey there, @nicksnell :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing this feedback. Rather than disable the feature, there are ways to avoid the feature if you wish. You can read an explanation here!

Thanks, that does make sense, but it’s not ideal as it means we have to change our process to deal with the change - I’d rather we choose to accept the feature into our workflows.

Maybe for small teams this doesn’t matter much but for larger/enterprise size teams, this sort of thing is disruptive.

I think we will add a CSP to block the button as mentioned above.


Thank you so much for this feedback, @nicksnell. I will make sure we share this with the appropriate team.

For some reason I’m not getting the new Deploy Previews.
Not sure if I’m doing something wrong.
I’ve tried creating 2 new PRs since the announcement to a site I’m working on and I’m not seeing anything new.
The code is hosted on GitHub so I don’t think it’s the same issue that @richpars was having…

Got a link to your repo or mind Gist-ing your page(s), @lukebennett88? Suggestions would include making sure that the asset is a valid HTML file, ensuring it includes the <body> element.

Howdy! I’ve been trying to use the new collaborative Deploy Previews but hitting sign in issues when opening the new draw on the previews themselves. I believe I’ve already granted Netlify extra permission on my GitHub account, despite hitting some GitHub 404s. When I try it out I experience the following:

  1. Click to view deploy preview
  2. See deploy preview and new Netlify draw button
  3. Open draw and see a “Sign up to Netlify” view, plus a “Log in” link
  4. Click the log in link
  5. Netlify dashboard opens up in a smaller window
  6. Close window and repeat the above steps

My suspicion is that I’ve somehow broken the permissions when I granted it, and it’s now malformed in some way. It could also be because I’m using Safari and their cross-site tracking is blocking the tool for working entirely.

PS. I’m not concerned at all that isn’t not working as expected, everything else works perfectly well for me and my clients. I just wanted to report this issue so it’s written up somewhere and that it might help others :+1:

Love this feature! But is there a way to disable it for a preview deployment or via URL parameter? When doing a lighthouse report on a preview the added scripts will have a major negative impact on the score

@DavidDarnes, interesting. I’ll pass it to the team. Anything notable in dev tools? Does it happen in an incognito window?

@maggo, there’s a rook of suggestions here for you: Netlify GitHub App permission updates with collaborative Deploy Previews - #3 by amussap

No errors in console when viewing the deploy preview or opening the drawer. There’s an error on the Netlify app itself, 404 for It does work in Incognito! I’ve tried my clearing cache and logging out and back in with no luck in a regular window. Very weird