New GitHub permissions


In todays society, with more and more companies that get hacked; read; write shitty code. Then it’s kind of mandatory to inform why you suddenly want access to more data from a third party, and when you send an email requesting it, you should really highlight the reasons you need it for.

I fail to see why exactly Netlify needs access to GitHub issues, and why they suddenly want it know. Your website gives the “excuse” To enable real-time updates from GitHub, your GitHub org admin must grant permission to your team. but it doesn’t really make sense. What makes you think I need GitHub issue notifications from Netlify? I have them in GitHub.

Tho, I suspect there is something else you need it for; but what?

Greetings — I imagine this may be a popular thread, I received emails as well.

For all coming and wondering, this is directly in response to Netlify’s new feature rollout, Collaborative Deploy Previews:

To elaborate on that a bit, the new Collaborative Deploy Previews allow viewers of a deploy preview to do many things, but one of those things is to create new (assumably unrelated to the PR you’re viewing) issues in your issue tracker. I’m guessing that’s the reason the Netlify Github app is now requesting permission to create issues — because viewers of the Deploy Previews (when given permission) can create issues.

For further information, please see this other post here in the Forums :slight_smile:


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Wow, I was looking for that before I posted, but went blind for a sec! Still amazed this isn’t explained and included directly in the emails you’re sending.

Fishy as hell when you get a “Hey, you havn’t heard from us in 2 years, but we need more permissions” :rofl:

We wish we could! Unfortunately the emails are generated by GitHub and we have no control over the content. We just get 240 characters to explain after you click the link.

However, we’re realizing that it might have been helpful to send our own, separate email to help explain the email from GitHub.