Collaborative Deploy Previews now available with Bitbucket

In addition to Github, Gitlab, and Azure DevOps, Deploy Previews are now supported with repositories on Bitbucket!

Deploy Previews enable teams to preview a site with incoming changes, before they land in production. Any pull/merge requests against your production branch—or any other deployed branches—result in a Deploy Preview:

You’ll also be able to:

  • Collaborate with your team on pre-production changes, using the Netlify Drawer on collaborative Deploy Previews.
  • Monitor your deploys using deploy notifications for Bitbucket, Slack, email, and any service that accepts web hooks.

These features are supported by default on any new site using a Bitbucket repo. Existing sites on Netlify will need to relink the repository to the site to take advantage of Deploy Previews and deploy notifications.

To learn more about these features and some available configuration options, check out the blog post. We hope the extended support for Bitbucket enables you to preview and collaborate on pre-production changes more efficiently. Please let us know in the forums if you have any feedback on building with Bitbucket and Netlify!

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