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Azure DevOps Deploy Previews?

Our team is exploring Netlify CI/CD options using Azure DevOps. I am able to get a basic deployment hook set-up to trigger when there’s a code push or PR opened for a branch, however I’m unsure how to trigger the creation of a separate deploy preview app (similar that is available w/ a github integration) that would create a separate build for QA.

  • I don’t have an existing netlfiy site yet… just prototyping w/ Azure DevOps and wondering whether I’ll need to use github or bitbucket instead.

I’m guessing I would need to utilize the Netlify API + create a .toml file to control the creation of one-off builds for a branch? I would love it if there was a better starting point for Az DevOps for this (or would be great to know if more complete turn-key support will be offered for AZ DevOps repos in the future)

Hey @amlutz16,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to trigger a deploy preview via web hooks at this time. However, we do have an open feature request and I’ll add your voice to the mix :+1:!

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Hey @Scott,

Is there any update on using Azure Devops with Deploy Previews? I’ve really enjoyed using them in the past on Github, and was hoping to incorporate them into our current workflow. Is the feature request public, and somewhere I could keep an eye on it?


Hey @tomcgee1,

The issue is attributed to a closed repo here at Netlify. That said, I’ve +1’d you as somebody who would be interested in build hooks to kick off deploy previews for the purpose of making better use of Azure Devops!

Hi there,

My organization would be interested in this feature as well.

Thank you for the +1, @viniciushssinterstar!

+1 for me too. Our code base is on Azure Devops and deploy preview would be great