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Bandwidth Discrepancy - Netlify Analytics vs Team Overview Page


I received an email this morning about my plan exceeding more than 50% bandwidth for the billing period. For my relatively low traffic site, this hasn’t happened before, and I’m only one week into the billing period. The team overview page in my Netlify dashboard is also showing more than 50% used.

Just now, I signed up for Netlify analytics to see if it would give any insights about the bandwidth use. It shows that for the past week, I have used less than 1GB of bandwidth. Comparing this with my Google Analytics account, they look pretty consistent: there wasn’t any sort of spike in traffic.

Any idea what could account for the huge difference in bandwidth usage between the Netlify analytics and the team overview page/email?

Thank you in advance!

What site is this regarding?

My site is https://letsbuildui.dev

Our logs show that the website that actually consumed bandwidth was this: Netlify App and not the one you enabled Analytics for.

Interesting. I’ll look into this, thanks!