Wrong bandwidth number at overview page

See the details billing page, real number is 211MB.

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I see a similiar issue only I am on the Pro plan and see 1TB/1TB bandwidth and 25,000/25,000 build minutes on the overview

But on Billing page the more consistent with previous days:

This has been escalated to the devs.

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I’m on the Starter plan, and am experiencing the same issue. Everything was fine and accurate yesterday and today, and then at some point this afternoon it jumped to 100gb/100gb in the Overview despite the Details page saying 159mb, which seems more accurate to the project’s size and audience.

I’ve moved the project in question off Netlify, was about to move forward with a paid plan, but wasn’t sure if this was a UI bug or something else going on and didn’t want to risk a huge inexplicable bandwidth overage bill, so I canned it for now. Would love to bring it back!

Something that may be helpful is that if I use the Browser Dev Tools to inspect the page, there is a screen reader only span element that is visually hidden in the bandwidth box of the Overview page that does read:

<span class="tw-sr-only">159 MB out of 100 GB Bandwidth</span>

So it does seem the 159mb number is correct, it’s just not showing in the visual overview.

Hope the devs can get it sorted soon!

Hi, @enigmatic. Yes, this is a display issue only. The 159 MB is correct and the UI is showing 100% of bandwidth used when, in reality less than 1% has been used.

This is not a billing issue. It will not cause you to be charged for bandwidth.

Again, it is a display issue only and we’ll have it resolved soon. When we do, we’ll reply here to let you know it has been resolved.