Being charged for extra Bandwidth without clues

I’m Steve @
We’ve been using Netlify last 3 years but Netlify billing is so weird in recent 2 months

We host many sites on Netfliy, such as or

We suddenly got a big charge on “Extra Bandwidth” on July 23; without any clarifications on what are using. So we had to downgrade our Netlify plan; emailing support but not getting any detail justification on how our sites are being charged extremely high - Compare to our history of usages.

Bill History - Screenshot - 62cbc000b2ccdc91d338c79e193ab113 - Gyazo
Bill July 23 - Screenshot - c6a39c6164bce3a26e0f9f76d1bc6a83 - Gyazo
Bill Aug 23 - Screenshot - 9df3d6e5283505b7251c18152538678b - Gyazo

We’re emailing support again; but I also want to bring it on forum to get insights from experts here. Any chance if mischarge would be refund to us.


@Upatra You’ve posted three links, but two of them are identical.

There’s unfortunately very few active “vocal” users here, most people only visit the forums when they’re looking for someone else to answer a question for them. Almost nobody sticks around to answer questions.

Thanks Nathan for pointing our the mistakes & the fact.

Indeed, posting forum is my last option because I can’t search for any similar issue around forum or internet generally. So I hope my post could be used as insight for others in future.

Turned out, it’s a Netlify bug & duplicate billing for 2 months.
So to anyone who see this, if your issue is werid - keep pursuing :laughing:

@Upatra Glad you got the issue sorted, and thanks for providing the follow up information!