Extra bandwidth is purchased automatically for no reason

Last month, the site I maintain has exceeded the 100GB bandwidth. As a result, an extra bandwidth package was added for $55. Today, it’s the start of the new billing cycle. Can you explain why you have added another extra bandwidth package for $55 although the site only used 26GB. I planed to upgrade to pro for this month, so please remove this package.

Hi @GeeekyBoy :wave:t6: can you attach a link to the page you’re looking at? It appears to differ from the team associated with your account.

Yes, because it’s a team I’m a member in, not my own account. Here is the link of the team I’m referring to: https://app.netlify.com/teams/rogan00/overview

Hi @GeeekyBoy, thanks for your patience on this. Can you reach back out close to the end of this billing cycle? This is just to in case we add a second package. We will refund accordingly if you are overcharged at the end of the month.

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@SamO The billing cycle has just ended and I have paid $55 for no reason. Please fix this as soon as you can. I haven’t even consumed 100GB the last billing cycle.

Hi @GeeekyBoy :wave:t6: I see this was resolved in our help desk! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions.

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