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Good day all! I saw on my netlify account information to preview the website before deploying and it said was free, I clicked, then I was sent to another page which is team overview there I didn’t find how to preview the website, then I saw “Current billing period (Oct 17 to Nov 17)” I don’t know what that means. I appreciate your help to understand that aswell how to preview the website before publishing.


You don’t need to have a paid subscription to preview your website. Every deploy has a “preview” button, and unique URL which never changes.

All accounts, including the free tier, will show this. It is possible to have add-ons (such as Analytics or extra team members) on the free tier.

Thanks @coelmay for answering my question. But I don’t see that option on deploys, I just update the website and I can’t preview.Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 14.51.25

hi @CMCM , by “manual deploy” you mean you are dragging and dropping the files you mean to deploy, correct? if that is the case then no, there will not be a deploy preview as such, because there is no build process. You can still see a commit permalink in addition to your production deploy, but they would be identical. does this help?

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Hi @perry. Commit permalink ? What is it exactly? Can u explain?

For example @CMCM I have a site deployed at sad-tesla-31c18c.netlify.app (very uninteresting page if you view it though) which is the published deploy. I have locked this deploy so any deploy I make now is not automatically published.

I have many other deploys for this site which aren’t currently published. These are still accessible via the permalink @perry mentioned. One such deploy is 616c14ec957e7ffdcb341162–sad-tesla-31c18c.netlify.app. On the deploy details page (see image below) I have underlined the places this preview URL are found.

On the deploy details page for the published deploy, the only difference is the “Preview deploy” link is the main URL for the site sad-tesla-31c18c.netlify.app rather than the preview permalink 6128cf5b895632c0e7375de8--sad-tesla-31c18c.netlify.app.

hi @CMCM, what @coelmay said is exactly what i meant!

@coelmay in this case I want to preview the page before publishing, but @perry just told me that while using manual deploy it is not possible to preview the website. Also, I deployed more then 24h now I believe and the update didn’t take place yet, so the update can also take that long when using manual deploy?

As mentioned in my previous post, you can lock to a specific deploy. Once this is done, upload a new version of your site, go to the deploy details page, and you will see the “Preview deploy” text as per the image I previously posted. If you are happy with what you see, you can push the “Publish deploy” button (again see image in previous post.)

The site/images I posted previously uses manual deploys.

Site updates won’t take that long. If you can share the site name/URL, an image of what you are seeing vs what you expect to see, I am happy to have a look at it.

But as discussed with @perry when using the manual deploy the preview option doesn’t show up. Maybe I am missing something you can further explain.

Are you going into the details of a specific deploy?

I just tested with a drag & drop deployment, and a locked specific deployment and I still see the individual build preview links.

Thank you @nathanmartin I found, thank you @coelmay, thank you @perry.
But now it passed more then 24h since I updated and and changes is not applied yet. Is it normal?

Does the latest deploy log show new files were uploaded as seen in the images posted previously? Only new/updated files are push out to the CDN nodes.

As I mentioned already, can share your site name, and what you see vs what you expect to see?

This may not be what you’re experiencing, but I’ll provide them anyway.

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Thank you @nathanmartin.

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@coelmay, @perry right now Ijust need help on how link netlify with github, last time I tried it didn’t go well, I created a repository on github which stopped the manual deployment, and also I received an error message.!Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 11.05.08

If you could share the logs of those builds, we can further advise.