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Manual deploy is not published

I have recently migrated to manual deploys but the site is not reflecting the changes after the new build is deployed.

The site id is: teambouchonsailing

I use the zip method to deploy using curl to send the post request. Deploy preview looks good but the preview is not published. And also, since the html has absolute links, any link gets you out of the preview.

Deploy summary section from the latest attempt (also the previous ones) says this:

All files already uploaded by a previous deploy with the same commits.

What am I missing?

Hi, @trim_the_main. The builds are stopped here:


This blocks the any new deploys from being published. If you want to only use manual deploys, our support team can unlink the repo and then you can reactivate builds to allow for manual deploys to update the site.

​Please let us know if we should unlink the repo from that site or if there are any questions.

I see. Thanks for the help. Please unlink the repo so that I can publish the manual builds.

Hi @trim_the_main,

The repo has been unlinked for that website.

Thank you, all seems to be working now.

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