Deploy preview functionality with a manual build?

Hi all,

I’m looking to understand whether it’s possible to accomplish Netlify previews with a manual build process.

I currently use docfx which isn’t supported by Netlify directly for builds (yet!)

So, I currently use a GitHub action for GitHub environments combined with a GitHub action for the Netlify CLI. I build the output, create a GitHub environment, push to Netlify, and associate that environment with a URL based on the response. But I don’t get any Netlify preview links or the ability to add comments on a page etc.

Is there any way to trigger the corresponding GitHub pull request comment and preview page when using a manual deploy? I’m hoping to still keep most of that awesome workflow if possible.


(If this is better for the “Features” category, feel free to move there.)

Unfortunately no. All those features need git metadata to work which is not available in a deploy via CLI.

Thanks for the direct answer! That’s unfortunate, especially because I have access to all the git metadata needed and could pass it in directly if it was an option.

I’ll keep using my hacked together solution of GitHub actions that create GitHub environments, get the UrL back from the deployment, and update the URL of the environment. :+1: