Deploy Preview as deployment environments on GitHub

Looking at the site config, I’m able to make Netlify post a comment on PRs with preview deploy details but I couldn’t find if creation of GitHub deployments is supported?

Screenshot below is that of a Vercel Preview URL:

Netlify doesn’t work with the deployment event, it only adds comments. Any specific reason why this is better than the other or would be an important feature to have?

Deployment event are useful when triggering workflow dependent on the preview environment. For example if I want to run Cypress E2E tests against the deploy preview, at the moment i’d have to wait for the comment to update, similar to what GitHub - JakePartusch/wait-for-netlify-action: A GitHub action that will wait until a Netlify Preview deploy has completed before continuing on this does, wasting GH Action minutes, otherwise I can create a workflow that just listens for deployment_check triggers.

Having a deployment on the commit within GH also makes it possible to use / build third-party tools which are preview URL service-agnostic.

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Hi there, just adding my two cents to this issue: I work for SpeedCurve and we maintain a GitHub integration that relies on the deployment_status events from GitHub to know when an environment has been deployed. We have quite a few Netlify customers who are having to use workarounds like using the Set GitHub deployment status action to link their Netlify preview environments to their GitHub PRs. It would be much easier if Netlify used the native GitHub deployments API.

Thanks for that feedback, @wildlyinaccurate ! I’ve added it to the open feature request we have on the issue.

However, to set expectations I don’t expect that we’ll build it very soon since there are a very small number of folks requesting it compared to many other things that are more likely to land on the roadmap first.