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How can i control publish manually?

I’d like to do scheduled publish.

This topic doesn’t fit for my use case.

  • I don’t want “Stop auto publishing”.
  • I want to just disable auto deploy when production branch is updated.
  • I want to control publish via build-webhook.

So how can i control publish manually without “Stop auto publishing” ?

@nakajmg, if you are building the site in some other CD/CI system, you can actually deploy the build files directly from that system using our CLI tools.

Using netlify deploy or netlify deploy --prod allows for manual updating of a site from the command line. This command can be added to your build scripts to deploy from the locally or CD/CI built site.

Does that solution meet your requirements?

If so, we also need to unlink the repository from the Netlify site and, at this time, we must do that for you here in support (because the UI doesn’t have an “unlink git repo” option at this time).

If you want us to unlink the repo from the site (because you will be using this manual deploy solution) please let us know and we’ll be happy to do so.

Thank you for reply!

What previewing deploy will be going on when you unlink the repository?

We’re using the Netlify CMS and our goal is managing schedules of archive publishings with this system.

We use GitHub as backend and also use editorial workflow, then need to use previewing archives.

@nakajmg, you can make a non-production deploy by using netlify deploy without the --prod option. Is that what you were looking for regarding previewing? I might be misunderstand and, if I am, would you please explain more about what you are trying to accomplish?

Can this be done for free users? I tried to contact support to do it but was directed to the community forums.

I’m using Github Actions/Workflows to build and deploy the site using Netlify CLI so I hate to waste Netlify build resources when not necessary.

yes, it can be. let us know the repo and the site and we’ll look into it!

Thanks Perry.

https://github.com/BradMcGonigle/bradmcgonigle is my repo and the netlify site is ingeniously names bradmcgonigle. :wink:

Hi, @bradmcgonigle, and thank you for letting us know which site needs the repo unlinked.

I unlinked the repo from this site now. If there is anything else we can do or questions we can answer, please let us know.

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I have the same issue, can you please unlink https://github.com/jonr22/neighborshould-fe from neighborshould.netlify.com

Hi @jonr22. Welcome to netlify community!

We’ve unlinked your repo from neighborshould.

Let us know if anything else is needed at this time!

I would like to revert to manual deploys.

Can you help me by unlinking my repo:

From the netlify site:

hi there, we got that unlinked for you.

i need to unlink git too ,can i ?
this is my repo : github.com/josephmaged/josephmaged
and my site names : josephmaged :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

hi there, we unlinked that for you!

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Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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