Manual deploy via zip file doesn't publish?

I’m deploying my site via the API as a packaged zip file. The deployment is successful, and the “Deploy Preview” shows my updated site. However, the non preview domain and my custom domain are not showing the updates. Leads me to believe that the deploy was a “draft”. How can I “publish” this deployment? There doesn’t seem to be a way via the ui or the API.

Site is:

The reason they aren’t publishing is that you have turned off auto publishing, which you cannot turn back on since you have builds stopped. If you reactivate builds here: then the button for “Start auto publishing” will appear:

That setting will also expose the “publish build” button in the UI on each deploy’s logs page:


Finally, you can use this API call without changing the builds-activated setting:

I think once you’ve enabled auto-publishing, you can turn off builds again, and then you will see all the buttons in the UI without building :slight_smile:

That worked! Thanks a bunch!