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Missing publish deploy button?

Hey! I am using github actions to build my site and push it to Netlify. Here’s the action I am using right now nwtgck/actions-netlify@v1.1.

After using the follow config in the workflow -

        uses: nwtgck/actions-netlify@v1.1
          publish-dir: './dist'
          production-branch: master
          github-token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          deploy-message: "Deploy from GitHub Actions"
          production-deploy: true
          NETLIFY_SITE_ID: ${{ secrets.NETLIFY_SITE_ID }}

Netlify does show that the site is built, but my question is how can I push this to be live on the main domain?
I am attaching a picture of my dashboard

as you can see the published version is locked on a much older build. Any help will be appreciated, thank you : )

You’d have to unlock publishing. If you go on the locked deploy, you would get an option to unlock it and then you can publish new builds.

I wish I could see the option to do so. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Is there a chance there’s some content blocker that might be working in the browser?

It might help to try on a different device/network/browser. Also, if you could share which site is this regarding, we can check if something’s wrong.

I don’t think it’s related to my content blocker, tried on a new chrome installation.

The name of the app is → cranky-varahamihira-ae0939

Oh yes, the publish button won’t be visible till you activate builds.

But I don’t want to auto-build, I am using github actions to build and then push the resources to netlify, how can I just publish it? I think there should be a way out because if I can’t publish anything after turning off auto deploy, then what’s the point to have an option to turn it off?

I think you need to switch to manual deploys.

With using CI, Netlify needs to build to be able to publish, this is not what you seem to be doing. If you only need Netlify to publish, we can unlink the repo so you can manually deploy.

Yeah, that would be great. I just need to publish and not build and trigger from github events.

It has been unlinked. You can now deploy manually.