Cannot find the deploy-preview-button of a pull request on GitHub


I’ve used Netlify for years. About few weeks (or months?) ago, the button that can directly go to the deploy preview site from GitHub Pull request page has been disappearing.

I’m not sure when this issue started.

I can still access the deploy preview site from the or using URL, but I want to go the site from GitHub PR page.

Could you check this issue?

Hi @Heeam-Shin

Do you not see a section above the checks section (like that below) which contains a link to the deploy preview?

No, I can’t find the section you mentioned. Only other comments exist.

All my pull requests have a Netlify (bot) section prior to the checks section which shows the deploy log, and deploy preview links in it (as previously posted.)

If you are not seeing this, you may need to remove the app and re-authorise it.

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@coelmay ,

I deleted Netlify app from GitHub and re-install it, but I still can’t find the section you mentioned.

I did as follows:

  1. Delete the existing Netlify app from GitHub
    GitHub → Settings → Installed GitHub Apps → ‘Configure’ of Netlify → ‘Uninstall’ in the ‘Danger Zone’

  2. Re-install Netlify app
    GitHub Apps - Netlify · GitHub

Is there anything else I have to do?

Hi @Heeam-Shin

Can you provide a screenshot of what you do see?

Now I totally lost in the middle…

What are the Deploy Preview settings for this site in the Netlify UI ( e.g.

Same as yours

Are you building for the branches the PR is against?

Oh! the branch setting was wrong!
After I changed the setting, all things are fixed!


Glad everything is working, @Heeam-Shin :netliconfetti:. Thanks for some excellent guidance, @coelmay :clap: