Bug: Netlify preview number mismatches with Github-pull request number

Hello All,

I am currently setting up the CI pipeline for a relatively new project ( 3 merged PRs ) specifically built to be used with netlify-functions i.e this project contains an index static HTML page and all netlify-functions used by another project.

The problem is, the netlify pull request number mismatches with the GitHub pull request number. This has a direct effect on the wait-for-netlify-action plugin which is being used to generate the preview URL for the deployment made from the pull request.
Currently, the Github pull request number is 9 however on Netlify the number is 4

See attached screenshot containing the error from the Github CI Job;

Next, see the preview number shown in the netlify dashboard;

The pull request in question can be found here


I’m still searching for help on this as it’s breaking my CI builds.
I reported this in the wait-for-netlify-action repository in this issue.

More discussions with the project maintainer sortof point the issue to be from the Netlify deploy preview.

hey @vickywane - thanks for bringing this up. We’ll take a look and share more information with you when we have it!


Hey @vickywane , thank you for your patience!

You mentioned that at the time of submitting your post, there were 3 merged PRs so wouldn’t the Netlify pull request number 4 be correct and not 9? Forgive me if I’ve missed something here…

Looking into your Deploys page it appears you had multiple deploy preview urls with the same pull request number but that’s no longer the case. Since PR 15, each deploy preview url is unique and matches the PR. Are you still seeing the issue? In the meantime, I’ll continue to try to repro (I’m unable to at the moment). Thanks!

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