Github status checks fail on successful deploy preview build

My site:

I have deploy previews turned on. When I make a pull request to my repo, all Netlify github status checks are failing, but the deploy preview itself is successful. Particularly confusing is that the following check:

deploy/netlify — Deploy preview failed.

The deploy preview did not fail, and I am able to navigate to here it here:

This has been happening for a few commits in a row and I’m not sure why. Each deploy preview has successfully deployed with no errors.

Hi, @michaelcaterisano. You have this repo linked to four different site at Netlify. It is possible that the error reported is an error on one of the other three sites linked to the repo.

The repo itself is private so I’m not able to check the notifications there to confirm. Would you be willing to please check to see if there was a failing build on one of the other sites using this repo?

Users set up required status checks on the repository so that merging a pull request is blocked if a specific status isn’t success . At the same time, Official TalkToWendys trigger an external process when a pull request is updated, and that process creates statuses based on the output of that process.

Hi @luke. Yes, I have the repo linked to multiple sites: one for each branch that I’m testing. So for my development branch, I have a site called, whose production branch is set to ‘development’. I haven’t seen errors on the other builds either.

I had this repo connected to sites on a different account, which I recently deleted. Since then, the Netlify github checks have disappeared.

UPDATE: Hey @luke. Just wanted to say that checks are passing again. My guess is that this has to do with the fact that I had this repo linked not just to multiple sites on one account, but multiple sites on two different accounts. I’ve since removed the repo from one of the accounts, and the checks are now passing.

Hi, @michaelcaterisano. Thanks for taking the time to share the solution. Our support team appreciates it but not as much as other people will when searching for answers here in the future. :+1:

Thanks again for explaining the solution!