Failed deployment. Log just recorded "[TIMESTAMP] Build ready to start"

I’ve finished my new article and after pushing my changes to the repo (tested it successfully locally) but Netlify reports the deployment as failed. Seeing the logs it just says this:

10:46:38 AM: Build ready to start

Nothing else.

I tried to re-deploy it (even using the clear-cache option) but nothing. Have anyone experienced something like this before?

Thanks in advance.

hey kenny, welcome.

what is your netlify site name? can you link us to one of your failed deploys please?

Yeah sure.
My site’s name is kennyhorna.
My last failed attempt is this one.

we weren’t seeing any performance degradation this morning, but I just heard that GitHub was:

can you clear your deploy cache and retry? it may be due to our build system not being able to access the repo.

That was it. Really weird, I thought this was an issue on your end but it turns out it was on Github’s. Thanks for the help, Perry.

Have a nice day.

no problem! if you are deploying from a github backed repo, (which many of our customers are) then any service degradation they experience can cause a ripple effect.

If we DO see something significant on our end that warrants an incident, we update our statuspage as soon as possible, and that serves as a single source of truth for anything we own (products, but also infrastructure) but we don’t necessarily report on outages experienced by third parties. It’s a good idea to check the status updates of third party providers, say, github, npm if you are having trouble accessing the repo or any packages through our build system.

Glad its working now!