Deploy to Netlify Button alternative or simillar

I have a team of content creators for whom I would like to give the ability to deploy my Gatsby site. This site is already set up on Netlify and works great. Upon deploy Gatsby pulls all the new content and creates the updated static site which Netlify serves.
I don’t want to give each creator a full Netlify account as they are not technical, they simply need to do one thing, deploy the updated site. I also don’t have the budget to give everyone their own Netlify account.
I’ve been looking into this “Deploy to Netlify Button” described here,

and I’ve set it up on the README on the github repository hosting my gatsby site. However there seems to be two issues,

  1. It doesn’t work for me. When I click it I get the error: “This repository may not exist or is set to private” which is not true, I own the referenced repo and my netlify account is linked to my github account. See the attached screenshot. The option to “Connect to GitHub” is dimmed out, I have no idea why.
    When I push a commit to github the deploy hook runs so it seems that netlify should be able to access the repo. I’ve also linked my github account in my netlify settings.
  2. The button may not be designed for this purpose I’m looking for. This comment,
    "Deploy to Netlify" button doesn't work as expected
    makes me think that this button is to deploy a new gatsby site that’s not already on netlify.

So my question is, how can I create a simple “Deploy” button, either in my GitHub README file, or through some other integration, (eg Zapier?) that will allow team members who don’t have netlify accounts to deploy the site?


Hey there!

So, yes – the deploy to Netlify button serves a different purpose. It will clone a repo and allow others to use the project/template for their own means.

In all honesty, it sounds like you would seriously benefit from the use of a CMS, such as Netlify CMS. I understand that this may be a big task to take on but definitely something to consider.

Alternatively… perhaps you create a script using Netlify CLI to deploy the site from the push of a button, authenticating with UI-generated access tokens? However, this does empower your non-technical stakeholders.