"Deploy to Netlify" button doesn't work as expected

If you are having problems when hitting the “Deploy to Netlify” button you may see around, here are some tips to get you started on debugging. That said, it can be a bit tricky for us debug exactly what is happening. Sometimes, it’s a transient error or it’s related to browser plugins you have installed.

Generally speaking, what that page is trying to do when you activate the button is this:

  1. create a repo on GitHub for you
  2. copy the content of the repo with the button in it, to that new repo
  3. deploy a site from it, using the settings specified in netlify.toml

The failure usually comes somewhere between steps 1 or 2 (or else, you would have gotten an error on a different page - not the one you are on.)

So, some questions:

  1. do you have a GitHub account already? If so, were you signed into it when you clicked the deploy to Netlify button?
  2. If not, were you able to create a new GitHub account as part of the Deploy to Netlify prompts?

GitHub enforces some rate-limiting on their side too, so sometimes waiting 10 minutes and trying again may give better results. We recommend you give it another try after a short wait, hopefully while signed into your GitHub account, and let us know if that works any better. If not, let us know!