Error pushing to remote repository

I’m seeing an issue using the Netlify deploy button with the following URL:

The deploys are succeeding, but at the end of the deploy process pushing the site to Github is failing with “Error pushing to remote repository”.

I was wondering if anyone has seen a similar error? I’m not sure how to investigate further.

Hi @crosscompile, the “Deploy to Netlify” button works by creating the site under your Netlify account, deploying the git repo you pass in, then creating a new repo under your github account and pushing the contents of that old repo to your new one. I’ve never seen a failure like you described, but the only thing I can think of is that you aren’t logged in to your github account or that you don’t have permissions to create a repo and push to it. Can you confirm that you are logged in to your github account when you click that link?

In case anyone else comes across this thread, the error from Github ended up being:

refusing to allow an integration to create or update .github/main.workflow

My repo uses Github actions and has a main.workflow file which Github currently prevents apps from creating/modifying. Other related info:

Github Desktop issue:
Github engineer comment:

As a workaround I might try just removing the main.workflow file as part of the Netlify build script.

Thank you sooo much for sharing this @crosscompile, I never would have guessed that would be an issue.