"Deploy to Netlify" button showing error on click

I have placed the “deploy to netlify” button in react app and it is working fine in development mode. After that I made a build of the project and uploaded it on the server, then after clicking the button I got following error: app.netlify.com refused to connect.

Here is the button which I placed:

<a href="https://app.netlify.com/start/deploy?repository=https://github.com/a9kitkumar/jamstack_app"> <img src="https://www.netlify.com/img/deploy/button.svg" alt="Deploy to Netlify" /> </a>

Please give any solution, thanks


I don’t see a netlify.toml file in your repository (https://github.com/a9kitkumar/jamstack_app) which you’d pretty much need if you want a good build (unless your site is pre-built, which is generally not the case with react apps).

Another potential cause is some browser plugin blocking the communication between your browser and github on our behalf. When you click the button, you need to be logged into GitHub and able to create new repositories in your own account there (I can’t imagine a situation in which you could be logged in without that ability, but I don’t know if it is impossible). If something like a privacy plugin decides “we don’t want to the let page on netlify trigger an API call to a GitHub endpoint” (or a Netlify endpoint), you may see errors like that. Could you let me know if it persists in a window without any plugins enabled? Or, could you show me where the button is posted so I can try it?

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Thanks for your reply.

Cause of that issue was a plugin (named Anonymox). Now button is working fine. Thanks again for your response.

thanks for letting us know - this is helpful for others for sure :100:

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