Error deploying react app

I’m new to Netlify and I want to publish my react app. I got an account and domain and it says the deploy was successful, but when I go to view it from my browser it says this.

I’m using Github for the files.

Hey @Gergo

Have you checked out [Support Guide] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found” and [Support Guide] Frequently encountered problems during builds?

Have you checked the build settings follow the common CRA settings? Also check out the CRA Netlify deployment documentation.

If you are still facing issues, can you share the build settings you are currently using, and the repository you are deploying from.

It is still unclear to me what the problem is. Here is the repository:

Here is the deploy log:

Thanks @Gergo

Can you share a screenshot of the build settings from the Netlify UI?