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How can I enable automatic publishing

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My site gets not published after deploy, when triggered by a web hook. I always have to do the extra step “Publish Deploy”. This was not like that before. How can I perform this step automatically?

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Hi @marinangelo,

I can see that auto publishing is already on for your website. Are you still seeing this issue?

Chances are you might have turned auto publishing off or you might have locked publishing to a deploy.

This sounds a little ridiculous and could be coincidence, but a watched pot never boils.

I’m convinced that I see the exact same behavior described while logged into the dashboard and viewing the specific site which received an update. If I push an update to the main branch while logged into the dashboard for that site, it builds, but does not deploy. I have to select the build and choose to Publish Deploy.

If I push an update while viewing the Team, another site dashboard, or without having app.netlify.com open in any tab, it builds and auto-publishes without intervention.

Hi, @lukehler. The API doesn’t have any way of knowing you are watching a page. It has no awareness of this (there is nothing tracking this in the API code) so I don’t see any way this could be the root cause.

That being said, the extra detail is interesting and it is helpful to share details like this. I do expect this to be a red herring though.

I’d love to take a closer look to see if we can we what is happening though, @marinangelo and @lukehler. Would one (or both) of you share the deploy id for a deploy which should have auto-published but did not?

You don’t even need to tell us the site as we (the Netlify support team) can find that with the deploy id alone. Once we have an example deploy id (examples if you both reply) we will research it to see if it is a bug of some kind or if there is some setting causing this “failed to auto-publish” behavior.

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