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Netlify Identity Widget Password Reset Popup no longer working?

Hi there,

Have been using the netlify identity widget and its been flawless so far, but suddenly we have had users contacting us mentioning that the reset password popup is no longer functioning? Initial reset popup where the user enters the email address is fine, this fires off to the users inbox as expected, on clicking the link in the email the user is brought back to the website where prevoiously the pop up would appear to update the password but this no longer functions?

There has been no code changes so just wondering if there is currently something wrong with the identity service?

Love netlify and appreciate your time :slight_smile:

hey carvill,

we haven’t changed anything in that area of the service at all recently - so this is a little strange!

question: can you see the behaviour you are describing? I am not saying its not happening, its just that “someone told me it wasn’t working” type error reports can have many reasons :slight_smile:

first thing that comes to mind is: do the people who are reporting this also see this in an incognito window? reason being that i have heard many, many reports of extensions (even well supported, popular ones) breaking things they shouldn’t. Can you ask the people who are seeing this to provide as much info as they can (browser, operating system, extensions) so we can troubleshoot? thank you!