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Netlify form notifications not sending to one email


I have a contact form on my website. I have set the form to notify to a specific email (hosted with yahoo), but the email address is not getting the notifications, even though the submissions are showing up in the account submissions list. I have checked the email address for accuracy, as well made sure that netlify is not marked as junk or spam. I have used another email to check, and my second email receives notifications just fine.

I do not think the issue is with my code, but maybe an issue with yahoo receiving/allowing the notifications. Has anyone had this issue before? Should I try contacting yahoo support?

Thank you for your time.

Hi @Kita

Could you please retry? The Yahoo address was add on the hard bounce list which was preventing the mails. I have removed it from that now, so it should work.

Hi, thank you so much, it is working just fine!!

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