Meet Netlify: Scott "Pie" Parker

Hey! I’m Scott (he/him). Feel free to call me Scott or Pie, either/or!

I joined the Support team here at Netlify in early 2020. I’ve got almost a decade of support experience under my belt, having spent several years supporting customers in the OT sector, particularly in the power generation, nuclear and water industries. However, I’ve always been a passionate web tech tinkerer and I was a Jamstack advocate long before I was brought aboard!

I’m based in the UK which helps our team to provide more punctual support to customers outside of the US (or, y’know, night owls :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

When I’m not working, I’ll either be sim racing, watching tech videos and gaming streams or, of course, spending time in the yonder my fur baby, Jack.


:wave: Thanks Pie! These well-run and well-staffed forums are giving me confidence to start with free tier.

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