Congratulations Netlify Team (Series C)

It is no secret that I’ve been an obnoxious fan of Netlify for so long.

I just want to thank the current team for the hard work we see you put forth. I think there were less than 20 employees when I started talking to some of you.

When you see some of the most well known devs/companies start to on-board a Netlify solution, you know and can confirm your own predictions of what Netlify would become. The next round just solidifies the belief in the product even more.

This is because of you, the Netlify Team, producing and creating a great product and listening to the community about issues and solutions. Keep up the great work, don’t work too hard, and we wish you all the best for the future, so we can keep using one of the best solutions out there for our projects.

Regards and :heart:,
Tony (talves)


tony, thank you so much. I hope you know how much all of us here appreciate your enthusiasm for and knowledge about our platform & products. We love having you here in the forums and it means a lot to all of us to have you still with us!!

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Of course @perry, It’s been a blast!

Can confirm that there were under 20 employees when we first talked, Tony. So glad you are along for the ride! It’s been a great ride and it’s nowhere near over yet :smiley:


Fantastic news. Congrats to all involved.

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thanks kevin.

We’re excited to ramp up hiring and really get to work on building out products old and new with some of this dosh.

If you (or people in your circle) are looking, we are currently hiring tons of engineers to make the dream happen (other roles too).

Aw, thanks! It’s been great to share that journey with you!

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@fool that’s for sure. There is no stopping this :bullettrain_front: train now.

@verythorough you’ll always be my favorite swag provider!

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Thanks for your consistent and generous support, @talves!
You enrich this community so much and we all really appreciate you!

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Well deserved. And where else would I get some of the best jokes by a Dev Advocate. You always keep us smiling, especially when you write great examples like Virtual Lolly.