Kudos to Netlify employees interacting in these forums!

I have to say, I am utterly impressed with the Netlify employees interacting in these forums!

Usually, when I try to get help about a software product or service, I either only get help from other users trying to help, or some clueless support agents sharing pre-written answers without really understanding what the actual problem is or the product/service they’re supposed to support - and that’s if it’s even possible to reach a support agent in the first place.

But here, I’m seeing the opposite happening - multiple knowledgeable employees proactively and quickly helping users to a fault, regardless of whether they are a complete beginner or the most hardcore of developers, even for free-tier users. That’s amazing and quite the achievement! If you guys and gals are as passionate as you appear to be in here, it kinda makes me want to join your team!

Honestly, what’s Netlify’s secret? :slight_smile:


Flattered would be an understatement right now! Thanks, @SmashManiac.

I’m glad that you see value in Community and, you’re right, it’s something we’re super proud of. I also appreciate that you recognise that support engineers devote a portion of our time to hanging out here, answering questions and engaging in posts such as these. To go one step further, other internal teams love to get stuck in and help out with projects which they’re working on and discussing them in Community.

As for secrets… there’s no secret, only passion and enjoyment :partying_face:!

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It’s great to hear that Netlify appears to have such a great work culture that allows for passion and enjoyment to flourish like that! It’s something I rarely see in the software industry beyond the startup stages of a company.

I don’t know if management are doing anything special to allow such a culture to bloom at Netlify, and if so I’d be curious to hear about it. Regardless, whatever is going on seems to be working well, and I hope everything will continue to go as well for everyone in the future! :grinning:


I literally just sent Perry a dm about this after looking through five consecutive threads of the team diving into a problem and proving great feedback - despite the other party being not so helpful.

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Yeah! Definitely better than average free support. Gives me a good deal of confidence starting with free tier.

Thanks folks!

Yeah, I think I read that whole thread. Okay, there are probably several. Well done with the good attitudes.

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