Goodbye All! My time at Netlify is coming to an end this friday July 8

Hey everyone,

I wasn’t quite sure where to put this, but this seems as good as any place.

As the headline indicates - its time to announce a big change - I am moving on from my current role as Support Community Manager who runs these forums.

It’s been a great 4 years (almost) at Netlify.

Before i got here, there were no forums, just a few support engineers working with @fool and @laura in the helpdesk. I was brought on to think about how we could open up our support offerings and help more people with a small team, while keeping things friendly, inclusive, positive, and encouraging to technologists from all experience levels, backgrounds, genders, racial/ethnic backgrounds, and parts of the world.

I wanted to create a place where people could learn in public without fear, as much as possible, because I know how hard it is to get started, and web forums can be a challenging, aggressive, intimidating space by and large. I wanted this place to be the opposite!

Overwhelmingly, we’ve accomplished that goal, and I couldn’t be prouder of how many people we’ve been able to help over the years, both with getting their Netlify sites off the ground, but also learning basic web dev in general. :netliconfetti:

I feel grateful to Netlify and the Support team for believing in my vision and helping me bring it about, I feel so so grateful to all of our @netlify_pilots for volunteering their time to assist others in line with that vision, and the last thanks absolutely goes to @hillary for coming on board and being the forums teammate that I never knew I needed (but who absolutely smashed all expectations).

Talking to hundreds of people here every day hasn’t always been easy; people have strong opinions (generally a good thing) but I do remind you to consider that all of us here are human and have feelings, personalities and lives that go beyond the screen and beyond our jobs at netlify. That said, we always welcomed constructive critique, and when we said we would take your feedback back to the team, that was never insincere, even if you didn’t see it!

(Before the rumour mill begins, I am leaving as a personal decision to take some time off. I am not leaving to pursue another role right away, and i was not asked to leave!)

Thank you for beautiful bunch of delightful humans, & for a very good run.

I wish you all all all the best in everything you set out to do!

Take care of yourselves and each other. I will miss you and this place!!

Perry :wave: :netliheart:


Ah Perry! So sad to see you go, you were definitely one of the reasons why I grew so fond of this community, and why it became such a success. I wish you all the best!


Been a heck of a run @perry . Was sorry not to get a chance to work with you. Good luck resting and your future plans once you decide what they will be.


Thank you so much for your work here. You were an inspiration to little me when I first started out with Netlify and now I am so proud to have worked alongside you to help the next generation of web development.

Good luck with your future endeavours :netliheart:



You will be missed, @perry!! Thank you for being the captain of this wild and beautiful ship for so long :slight_smile: we wish you the very, very best in your time off and future endeavors! If anybody needs any kind of recommendation ever, just tell them to look at the entirety of the Netlify Forums :laughing:

Be well. Do good. :netliheart:



Godspeed @perry!! I’ve been remiss in hanging out here this last stretch, though it’s been a blast watching you grow this community into one of the best damn free-and-volunteer-run support offerings I’ve seen. Have a great time off and enjoy a well-deserved rest, you’ve certainly earned it.

Can’t wait to hear what you get up to next in life, wherever it takes you. Thanks again for everything!! :netliheart:

— Noel


Very sad to see you go :frowning:

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Thanks for all the awesome support making posts here feel valued!

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Thanks for the Discourse forum @perry.
However, if I may ask. Who manages it now? Or going to?

Hey there, @Codixer :wave:

Thanks for much for following up with this question! I will still be in the forums. Additionally, the Director of Support (@fool) and Senior Support Manager (@laura) are here! We will keep the community posted should any additional roles shift or change!

Does the forum take voulenteers?