Netlify is hiring!

Working at Netlify sounds appealing to you?

We still have a bunch of open positions across a variety of teams, including the VP level.

Maybe take a look and if there is nothing there for you, send us your best candidates :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what Remote LATAM and Remote EMEA means?

LATAM = Latin America
EMEA = Europe, Middle East and Africa

If anyone wants to ask us about what it’s like to work here, fire away! Questions welcome :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to recommend two very special person, who, i believe, are already doing a ton on not just helping out users, but are awesome on creating and wonderful atmosphere in the community.
They are the reason that i stuck with Netlify and NetlifyCMS and they helped me be a better contributor.
Everytime i talk to Netlify users, they are surprised that they are not Netlify employees (and i am too).
Drum roll:
@tomrutgers is always there for people, and has excellent design skills!
@talves Who has an amazing sense of humor and singlehandedly modularized the whole netlify-cms project.

(I know this is out of context, but it needed to be asked somewhere: is there any reason not to hire them? :slight_smile: )


Both @talves and @tomrutgers make SUPER valuable contributions to Netlify Community (and in talves case, Netlify CMS as well). I’m not sure if either of you are looking for work, but you have our endorsement already :smiley:

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Sound interesting.
I’m location at APAC (Indonesia),can be apply for this vacancy ? :slight_smile:

Do you still hiring ? i’m not a superhero dev but i love learning and i’ll be very proud and honored to work at netlify.

hi sandro! we definitely have some roles open still. Have you checked the careers page? All those postings are still available! :smiley:

Hi Perry! The only role I see in the career page is the general insterest. I think that’s the one that fit better to me. I don’t think I’m qualified enough for the others.

Hey Perry, thanks for the awesome job you do being responsive to these questions! I was hoping to find out if you’re open to hiring Engineers in Nigeria?