Just wanted to say big big thank you AMAZING work!

I’ve been doing React for around 3 years, started with Node.js a month ago, doing routing, middleware and rest api. And all this was so hard to manage on my own.

I’ve heard the buzzwords (i hate buzzword), serverless, lambda and so on and did not really paid attention to it to much.

So after sometime i was struggling with something and someone suggested try Netlify, Heroku, AWS and so on.

Cut the long story short, i wish I’ve looked into you guys sooner. I’m on day 1-2 and already I’m using:

  • Push to Git for it to be automagically be deployed on Netlify

  • Netlify form, so so easy to create “Contact Me” form

  • Functions. I used to write them in Node.js now i can just do it straight in my project without Node.js server.

  • Netlify Dev, this has saved so much time, i develop my app on my local machine using Webpack and have NPM command to run both WP and netlify dev, so any changes i make in my dev app it will hot reload and submit new files in build folder so then netlify dev will pick it up and serve to me.

  • Auto HTTPS on my domain

  • Server side console log in Netlify panel

I know there is tons of other features but i think what i have done in 1-2 days is a lot, especially starting from not knowing anything about Netlify and just googling, asking netlify community and youtube for learning and support.

Again Netlify team great job!!!

I think the only thing i wish is the Analytics feature price could be a bit less who only has a website for personal use / profile. :slight_smile:


thank you, @MariusM! It certainly means a lot to hear that from you - especially a new customer! We all love working for a company that is creating tools people really enjoy using and get a lot of value from very much.

enjoy using netlify, and we’re here any time if you need help!

I’m surprised too about the lot of features that Netlify have. In just one day I published my work and I was able to show it to my client directly like he he was browsing it from my web server, but without the “https not secure site” message.

Now I’m learning something about functions to try have a database linked to my web project.

Netlify is awesome.

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that makes is really happy to hear! thank you! :star_struck: